About us

Started 30 years ago as an IBM agent with a green-screen Fashion ERP, TailorFIT evolved towards the most complete Collection-to-Consumer Windows based solution.

Now we’re transforming into a Creative Fashion Cloud connecting major brands and industry players.

Our software platform is your 360° Omnichannel platform.

We take care of your (future) IT challenges, so you can boost your Fashion business.

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Traditional ERP

Omnichannel C2C

Instead of having limited business support around your accounting system, we provide full fashion business support and integrate seamlessly with any accounting system.


TailorFIT offers a fully integrated business platform, which enables a 360° Omnichannel strategy for every player in the fashion industry.

Our solution provides insight in every business process from the creation of a collection to selling your products, ensuring

  • A single & real time view on your stock

  • A single view on your customers/loyalty

  • A single fulfillment engine that allows smooth delivery of every on/offline sale

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